Our 100% Oil Free Turbo-AIR Cooled Fleet

The TURBO AIR COOLED 2000 (TAC-2000) is a great match for almost any location and conditions.

Electrical Cable and Hose Included

High Reliability

24 hour / 7 day operation

Optimum Efficiency

Low Energy Consumption

Adjustable to variable air consumption

Starter and Breaker Included

Cameron TAC-2000
100% Oil Free Rental Air Compressor

The Turbo Air Cooled compressor makes it possible for more industries around the world to enjoy all the advantages of our state-of-the-art centrifugal compressor designed for applications where no matter if there is water available for cooling or not. The TAC-2000 is the right compressor to do the job.

  • Electrical Motors Power: 93 to 260 kW (125/200/250/300/350 H.P.)
  • Flow: 16 to 48 m3/min (550 to 1700 CFM)
  • Pressure: 3.5 to 10.3 barg (50 to 150 PSIG)
  • Applications : Air separation • Steel • Mining • Automotive • Process air • Textiles • Food and beverage • Electronics • Aerospace • Industrial gases • Oil and gas refineries • Snowmaking • Power generation • Instrument air • Petrochemical refineries • Other
  • 100% Oil-Free Air 
  • Lowest Cost of Operation 
  • Air Cooled; no need for water
  • Easy Operation 
  • Easy Maintenance 
  • Simple Installation 
  • High Reliability 
  • Simple Transportation
  • ISO 8573-1 Class O
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004

Oil-Free Air

  • Prevents oil contamination of your system.
  • Removes the potential for compressed air pipeline fires
  • caused by oil carryover.
  • Eliminates costly waste disposal problems associated
  • with oil-laden condensate.
  • Eliminates the expense and associated maintenance
  • requirements of oil removal filters, since no oil enters the compressed air stream in the compressor.

High Reliability

  •  Thrust loads absorbed at low speed.
  •  No wearing parts.
  •  Non-contact air and oil seals.
  •  Stainless steel compression elements.
  •  Conservative high quality gear design.
  •  Unlimited life pinion bearing design.

Lowest Cost Operation

  • True unloading capability.
  • Energy savings and increased uptime translate to minimum operating life cycle costs.
  • Excellent part-load efficiencies for any operating load.
  • No sliding or rubbing parts in the compression process causing wear and thereby efficiency loss.

Easy Operation

  • Maestro Universal High Performance Compressor Control System, the compressor industry’s most advanced control system.
  • Totally automatic operation for any operating condition. 
  • Self diagnostics.
  • Quiet operation.

Easy Maintenance

  • No wearing parts requiring periodic changes or replacement in the compression elements.
  • No oil removal filters to clean.
  • Accessible horizontally split gear box for quick inspection.
  • Easy to clean air cooled cooler core.

Simple Installation

  • Complete package including aftercooler, check and block valves, controls, motor, and lubrication system and inlet filter.
  • Minimum number of external connections.
  • Compact design requires minimum floor space
  • Packaged solid state starter, other configurations available.

Limited supply or no water available for cooling?
The Turbo Air Cooled compressor makes it possible.