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              EST – Scale, corrosion and biofouling control in cooling towers
              LPB – Legionella Pneumophila prevention  
              ECP – Cathodic protection
              EEC – Electrocoagulation for industrial wastewater pre/post treatment
              EEO  –Electro-oxidation for oily water treatment and silica removal

Cooling Towers Treatment – EST

EST is revolutionizing cooling tower treatment, providing a comprehensive, effective and chemicalfree solution to the problems associated with operating cooling towers.

    EST System overview

    » EST core is comprised of an electronic control board, reaction tank, TiNiO
    electrodes, scraper, and drain valve.
    » The reaction tank acts as a cathode, while the electrodes serve as anodes.
    » A controlled constant DC current is applied to three patented titanium nickel
    oxide electrodes, which are resistant to high current and don’t dissolve in
    » The current generates chemical reactions utilized to treat the water.
    » Water is circulated between the cooling tower basin and EST reactor at
    ~25m3/hour/EST unit.  

    Technical Specifications

    Process Control

    – The EST maintains a steady rate of CaCO3 precipitation by sustaining a constant current between the anode and cathode while enabling for voltage variation.

    – The CaCO3 buildup is scraped with a rotary scraper periodically and then flushed to remove the calcium sludge.

    – This EST tank drain serves as the systems blow down to regulate the frequency of water dilution and to maintain stable cycles of concentration.

    – The scraping frequency and flushing duration are used to control the CaCO3 sludge removal, water
    usage, cycles of concentration, pH, Alkalinity and TDS.

    How does it work

    Scale Removal:

    » A dissociation of the salts in the water into ions (OH-) occurs, causing pH along side the tank walls to reach nearly 14 and precipitation of calcium (and other cations) on the reaction tank wall to occur.

    » The EST is capable of precipitating ~ 30% calcium from the water before it crystallizes into scale, while leaving the remaining calcium dissolved in the water.

    » The calcium precipitation percentage is programmable, automated and varies according to the makeup water quality and the project requirements.

    » The EST patented scraper system automatically scrapes the reaction tank walls and flushes the precipitated scale. Water hardness is divided into permanent and temporary hardness. It’s the temporary hardness which precipitates in the system and is removed in the EST reactor.



    » An alkaline environment of pH near 14 is created next to the reaction tank inner walls creating a strong disinfectant.

    » Near the anodes, 3-7% of the naturally present chlorides are converted to free chlorine or hypochlorite. The Cl- level is programmable to automatically remain at ~0.1-0.2ppm, providing additional disinfection without the risk of corrosion.

    » Radical oxygen, ozone, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide are produced near the anode.


     Corrosion control:

    » The remaining Magnesium ions in the water prevent corrosion along with controlled operation of ~2 MPY.

    » By preventing scale deposits, potential for corrosion formation is reduced.

    » Up to 7% of chlorides are converted to free chlorine.

      Installation and setup

      The E.S.T system connects to the cooling tower via a side-arm circuit, so no intervention is required when installing and servicing.

      Larger capacity setup



      » Solves cooling tower operational problems stemming from algae, corrosion and scaling

      » Generates significant blowdown water savings

      » Cost effective – rapid return of investment

      » Chemical free solution –eliminates 100% of the cooling water chemical dosing

      » Very low life cycle cost and electricity consumption

      » Reduces maintenance, shut down time and labor cost

      » Controllable and measurable ensuring consistent quality water

      » Small footprint

      » Robust and high-quality equipment with few moving parts

      » Modular and simple to install or retrofit

      » Proven effective in thousands of installations worldwide.

      » Exceptionally ecological and environmentally friendly

      » Superior cooling tower water treatment

      »Eliminates chemical related logistics

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